FSX Running Rough

regwedge Guest

My PC is well above the spec on the box......mine in brackets
which is 1GHz processor (2.66)
32Mb video (12😎
256K RAM (WP) (512)

My spec is poor compared to most I see here, but according to the box spec should be Ok.

I ran FSX on lowest setting all round and it is a shambles ! Jerky City Arizona. A waste of time. I see it has problems on specs MUCH better than mine. Looks like a con until problems are sorted. Box spec is a complete joke !!! and totally misleading by Microsoft.

I have uninstalled and re-installed FS2004...and will wait until I buy a MEGAcomuter to run this...VERY DISSAPPOINTED

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jhausner Trainee

Turn the autogen down to off and then try again.

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Solotwo Chief Captain

Apparently buying FSX makes you lose all trace of common sense.

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