FSX won't load after it's been running perfectly

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I wonder if anyones expertise can help me. I've been running FSX deluxe since friday without a clitch on my brand new computer. On Sunday afternoon after using it for hours, it hung on me and crashed. I closed it and went to restart it, and nothing happened. It wouldn't reload. The splash screen appears, the HDD buzzes away, then nothing. It crashed time after time.

I've done a full re-install, and unfortunately yet another activation, and it STILL won't load. I could understand if it was my PC, but it's brand new, everything else works still, and FSX was running perfectly so my comp is certainly capabale.

Any ideas?! it's really annoying me that a brand new product just days old will not work!

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when you installed did you register online? I read something about a new antipiracy deal that they're using with fsx and when I installed mine it went online automatically during the install.

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You might be overheating, try adding a fan in the rear of the case.
It's not expensive and it'll get rid of the hot air from the CPU.



No I didn't register it. I try and avoid things like that tbh. Surely though IF that was what it needed then it would say so, not just freeze up?


Radar man, at the time after using it for hours, I later turned the comp off for the rest of the day and night - 24 hours or so later after work today, I turned the machine back on, and first thing was to try and load it. Same prob as expected, it just freezes 😞

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Follow these steps to uninstall.
If you leave anything behind it's a problem.

Defrag before reinstalling.



I'#m happy to try that, but everytime I install it I have to activate it. If i do it a third time surely it'll look suspicious and they won't let me do it?

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Well maybe registering will cure it. I'm sure I read somewhere in the legal jargon, that if not registered, it will act like a trial version, and will stop working after XX hours of use....

AnthonyG Guest


For reasons I really can't explain, I used that guide about removing FS manually, and deleted a few files that were FSX created, but not in the main folder. It turns out that as soon as I removed the logbook entry from the 'Flight Simulator X Files' under 'my documents' it loaded instantly?!

I did a quick lap in a 747-400 and all went well!

It still seems really odd, but hopefully this thread will be of some use if anyone else has this problem.

Thanks for all your help guys, and whilst this is my first time using this forum, it certainly won't be my last.

Urbanhunter Guest

Thank you so much Anthony, i had the same problem as you. Thought it was a conflict from another program so i uninstalled them, no change. I even went as far as formatting my main drive (it needed one anyway), but i kept my documents including the log file, so again no change. I have now searched through more than 20 forums for an answer finally finding this one. One log file now deleted and it starts fine.

squatter Guest

When I loaded FSX it loaded up to (insert disk2). I put disk 2 in the computer and nothing happend at all. After 20 or so minutes I could tell the computer was locked up. Had to reboot and now the FSX DVD's will not recognize in the DVD drive and they lock up most options requiring a reboot. I am at wits end here.
Compuer is new Dell 5150 pentium 4 HT 3.0 with 2 gig memory and 256mb video ram with 250 gigs of hd space. I need help!

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