FSX Running Out of Memory Windows 11

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This is CRAZY! I have a Dell Inspiron with i7 4770S CPU, 16G RAM, GT1030 Video Card. Windows 10. It runs FSX with all sliders MAX'D out and gets 50 FPS.
I haveanother "gaming" PC with Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, 32G RAM, GTX 1050Ti Video Card, Windows 11.
Both computers have paging files set the same; 9600-12228 VAS.
One would think the Ryzen PC would run FSX better than the lesser Dell Inspiron.
NOT so. It keeps running our of memory and CTD.
Anyone else having issues running FSX on Windows 11 machine?
Any ideas how to make FSX run better?
Do I switch back to Windows 10 on the gaming PC?
Thanks to all who answer.

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Okay Guys and Gals,
I reverted back to Windows 10. Man oh Man what a difference!
I have Orbx scenery, mesh and landclasses.
I have my sliders MAXED out.
I am getting 60 to 100 plus FPS!!!
The scenry looks absolutely wonderful!
Almost like being there in real life.....
My advise, DO NOT GO TO WINDOWS 11 until you have to IF you are flying FSX...

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