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I have downloaded a 737-200 panel and the radio stack is a part of the main panel. When i try to dial in a frequency on the nav 1 the digits don't move even though the cursor changes from arrow to hand when placed on it, so i think it's supposed to work. The transponder can be changed this way,and the comm radio changes automatically when responding to atc in the normal manner. There is no radio stack icon on the panel or in the views selection menu, i've had a look at the cfg in some other panels i have that works in this way and they seem to have the same cfg.

Any ideas?

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Not qutie sure, i've not experienced something like this before, but radio malfunction may be due to the panel not being compatible with the radio settings in the aircraft.cfg

in the aircraft.cfg you'll find a section titled 'radios'
// Radio Type = availiable, standby frequency, has glide slope
Audio.1       = 1
Com.1         = 1, 1
Com.2         = 1, 1
Nav.1         = 1, 1, 1
Nav.2         = 1, 1, 0
Adf.1         = 1
Transponder.1 = 1
Marker.1      = 1

if this does not match the config of the radio stack defined in the panel.cfg, you radios are likely to display strange behaviour...

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Thanks for the reply ARD-DC, the radio section in the aircraft config is the same as the one you posted and all that relates to the Nav 1 in the panel config is:-
gauge11=737-400! Nav 1, 550, 326, 145, 56

I think this just controls the size and position of the Nav 1 display on the panel. Guess i'll just have to live with it! Thanks for trying anyway.

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