FSX + Old Computer = :(

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MY computer im running FSX on now sucks. Here are the specs

-1.4GHz Pentium 4 CPu

-128MB NVIDIA GeForce fX4000 video card


It runs about 15FPS on everyhting on low exept aircraft

IM buying a new computer this week, here are the specs with this one

-2.8 GHz of Duel Core CPU

-2058MB of ram (2.4gigs)

-512MB ATI Radeon video card

DO you think FSX will run alot fast on mye new ocmputer? If so how much faster?

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Considerably. Just don't go overboard with jacking up all your settings to max. With the above machine you should be fine at Medium-high to high on most things if you don't pump the AI too high and reduce your autogen in addition to applying the tweaks plasterred all over these forums.

My machine isn't far off yours (I do have SLI though) and I hug 30+ FPS regular everywhere except the busiest of areas where it typically drops to 10-15FPS which with graphics high, is still playable in my books.

I also have air traffic AI to 100% maximum. Default is like 20% so if you're not insane like me and like hearing a lot of radio chatter and seeing a lot of other planes flying around, you'll be fine.

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