FSX.CFG File missing???

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Okay, I've seen numerous posts on changing FSX.CFG (specifically to adjust the number of autogen trees versus buildings) but search as I might, I can't find the CFG file... I've got two installations (yes, next is a call to 'Daddy' for permission to install again) and neither machine has the FSX.CFG file on it.....


Do I have to actually 'save' something to generate this file or is it there after a fresh install?

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Go to start/search and feed in fsx.cfg and you'll find it.
Make a copy beofre you do anything to the original.


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NACK! I've also changed tools/options to display system files etc but it simply isn't there. Seems odd that it isn't there on two installation.

Perhaps someone could post the contents and I could create the file (or at least do a text search for some unique content in the file???)

PS. Before Crash flames me for being a noob or not understanding the OS that I'm using, I've got over 20 yrs IT experience and am fully versed in MS XP.

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Just found this.

The FSX.cfg file can be found by default in C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\(Your Windows User Name)\Microsoft\FSX - I suggest making a shortcut to it on the desktop and setting Notepad to open .cfg files by default.


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In Vista here is where it is ! C:\users\(name)\Appdata\roaming\microsoft\fsx

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I have done serach on fsx.cfg on my system and no results.
Under MS Games/FSX I show 6 other config files (terrain.cfg, Display.cfg, cameras.cfg) but no fsx.cfg.

I am pre SP1.

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OK found it.

I was going into Program files/MS Games/FSX

you need to go to documents and settings/application data/MS/FSX

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In Windows Vista fsx.cfg should be in C:\Users\Your Windws User Name Here\Application Data\Microsoft\fsx\fsx.cfg .

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Tried the Vista hook up and couldn't find that .cfg file..... 😕

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Found the file, but I don't think that it has done anything special....I might reinstall FSX this weekend and give it another try.

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I searched the whole computer using the Windows search device and found no FSX.CFG. In my 'Documents and Settings' Folder, there is no subfolder titled 'Application Data'. What do I do now? I'm Running Microsoft XP SP2.

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FSX.cfg is a HIDDEN file! I just went through this last week. When you're in the main directory (C:\) there is a place to "show hidden files." Do that and then look for the .cfg file. Good luck. Took me a few days to figure out as well, with some help on AVSIM.

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Its not hidden on all computers...

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WHAT A PAIN! So much FRUSTRATION! I'm ok now. If you cant find it it is probably hidden.

-Go to Control Panel -> Appearance and Customization -> Folder Options

-Click the ' show hidden files' bubble

-For me the fsx.cfg file was in:


Thank you all. I couldn't have done it without you.

-a ninja

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open a window, go to tools menu (at top of window). select folder options, then select view tab, then select show hidden files and folders.

now go to (x is your system hard drive)

x:\Documents and settings\(your comp name)\Application Data\Microsoft\fsx

you config files are there

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I've had the same problem with Windows 7 and finding the FSX.cfg file. Using all the above paths I have been unable to find AppData. I found it once before with the help of this forum but cant find it lnow.


I have tried to open every folder mentioned here, still no luck. When I go to C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX , I only get to C:\Users\(username). There is no AppData folder, no roaming folder anywhere, and no microsoft folder either. I've searched for them on the computer (which is Vista by the way) and NOTHING!! Please help! 😞 Crying or Very sad

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Found the fsx.cfg file on Vista. I did click start and searched Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX and there I found it.
Hope you guys do it to 😀

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Microsoft screwed up badly by introducing FSX and Vista at roundabout the same time. And now we have W7 to top it up.

The mistake most of you guys make is not considering or stating which OS you are using. Some procedures remain the same, others have slightly changed.
I can't speak for Vista because I have never used it but it won't hurt if you try both methods (the old and the new one) which have actually already been explained in this very thread... if only you guys would take the time to read.

eyton402 wrote:

I've had the same problem with Windows 7 and finding the FSX.cfg file. Using all the above paths I have been unable to find AppData. I found it once before with the help of this forum but cant find it lnow.

Let's start with Eyton because he had the good sense to let us know that he's running Windows 7.

1* Click Start

2* Type: %appdata%

3* Click on the yellow Roaming Folder

4* Now navigate (roam) Microsoft / FSX /

5* Inside the FSX folder you'll find the FSX.cfg -- open it with Notepad

NOTE: You may or may not have to "Show hidden files and folders..."

If you are using Windows XP you must "Show hidden files and folders..."

Regardless of the OS (Operating System) you are using, the method is the same:

1* Click on any Folder

2* Click on Tools in the Menu Bar

3* Click on Folder options...

4* Click on View

5* Put a Check-mark or Radio-button where it says 'Show hidden files and Folders'

6* Click Apply and finally OK

You can put a shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking on the FSX.cfg and selecting 'Create Shortcut' from the drop-down menu.

Read Idea

As you can see, the gods have endowed me with the ability to read... it's a gift - nothing to do with efforts on my own part 😀


i completely lost my fsx cfg file i forgot to make a copy and i only have a cfg file that wont let the game start any possible chance of getting a new copy i tried reinstalling the game on steam cause i only have steam edition but that didn't fix it Crying or Very sad

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The normal one that you buy at a store or on line will build a new cfg when you launch it.
I have no idea about Steam, email them and ask.


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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
Ian Stephens is an expert on this topic. Read his bio here.

Surely a predicament you've found yourself in! However, there's no need for panic. The FSX.CFG file should indeed exist after a fresh installation of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. It's a crucial configuration file, storing various settings related to your FSX setup (such as graphics, sound, and controller options). This file allows users to make advanced tweaks to optimize the simulator's performance or adjust settings that aren't available within the in-game menus (such as your mentioned autogen trees versus buildings).

Autogen, in this context, refers to the automatic generation of scenery and objects within the flight simulation environment. These can be things like buildings, vegetation, and other landscape elements that make the simulated world look and feel more real.

First things first, are you sure you're searching in the correct location? The FSX.CFG file isn't located in the main installation directory of FSX. Instead, it's typically located in your AppData folder. To clarify, AppData is a hidden folder in Windows where applications store user-specific data or settings.

Here is the default location of the FSX.CFG file:


Replace 'YourUserName' with the username you use for your Windows profile.

Please note that the 'AppData' folder is hidden by default in Windows, so you may need to enable the display of hidden files and folders in your Windows Explorer settings before you can navigate to it.

Once you've located the FSX.CFG file, you can open it in a text editor like Notepad to make changes to the autogen settings. Look for a line that says 'TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_TREES_PER_CELL' and 'TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_BUILDINGS_PER_CELL'. These values will dictate the balance between autogen trees and buildings.

Regarding your question about Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) and X-Plane 12, these newer platforms do have similar configuration files, but they are not as easily user-editable as the FSX.CFG file. It's usually recommended to make such adjustments via in-game settings or addons specifically designed for these platforms.

Remember to save your changes after editing the FSX.CFG file and then restart the simulator to ensure the changes take effect.

I hope that sorts things out for you. Keep us posted on your progress!

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