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Abzu93 Guest

Private Pilot: Lesson 5: Air Traffic Control

After take off I'm asked to tune the radio to 120.10 at the handoff point. I do that using the ATC menu and then the game says I should request a Class B Airspace Transition when it becomes available on the menu.

It never does.

The only choices are Request Flight Following. I've tried both waiting for the transition request to pop into the menu, or just going ahead and requesting flight following.

If I choose flight following and follow the menu, Rod does a narrative about squawk and that he's going to be silent for a bit and then never says another thing.

If I don't choose anything he never says another thing.

In any case he flies blandly over Paine field and on until we run out of fuel or run into a mountain presumabley.

What, if anything, am I doing wrong here?

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methusala Guest

Im in the same boat....even if I try to land at Paine, he tells me since I killed us, hes going to end the session....what gives?

SilentGlider Guest

Same problem here. I've tried the lesson multiple times with the same result so I'm pretty sure it's a bug in the scripting. I'm going to send an email to in the hope that they'll have a solution or worst case to make sure this gets on the bug list to be fixed in the next update.

Matt001 Guest

Hi - I've been lurking. It's been a while since I took that lesson in FS9, but after initially having the same problems you guys are describing I eventually found a menu that leads to Request B Class Airspace Transition - the only problem is that I can't remember what that menu heading was, other than that it occurs before the menu that includes landing requests and the D Class Airspace Transition option (don't select that one). Not much help I know, but just to reassure you that there is a selection after all, and you'll find it with trial and error (after all, I'm a bit of an ATC dullard myself).

Addendum: I've just realised my response here is a bit late so I presume you guys have found the answer already...


Perth WA

emanonpettis Guest

Lol...nope, never did figure it out. Went on to bigger and better headaches, like passing the instrument pilots checkride. Spent better than 8 days getting it just right.

One secret...use the autopilot....even though it says its disabled, keeping within the +/-2 degrees required was a nightmare until I gave ap a try. It may be cheating, but hey, its an instrument checkride, and I used an intsrument...sue me.

gocubsgo08 Guest

Has anyone figured out how to pass Private Pilot: Lesson 5: Air Traffic Control?

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cpt_pickard Trainee

Guys, these lessons have so much errors in them that I have abandoned them completely. Not only sometimes and option is missing you desperately need. Many times the instructor / inspector requires you to do something utterly stupid in the given situation.

cazub Guest

well theres one problem with the climb and decents lesson...........our buddy rob turns me RIGHT INTO A MOUNTAIN and kills us both.

Beyond that, i'm in the private pilot checkride and although i admittedly am flying like a drunk with my lag but how about a clue on this one? I so much as fart and the lessons over.

gocubsgo08 Guest

In the climb and decent lesson, I found that you need to arrive at your target altitude quickly. Otherwise, like you said, Rod will fly you into the mountain.

In the private pilot checkride, you need to fly within the altitude, airspeed, heading, and course tolerances when the examiner give you an instruction. The good thing is that the examiner tells you what you did wrong. If you get a yellow message, you have failed.

I'm having problems with the instrument checkride. The examiner tells me I didn't enter the holding pattern correctly, but I don't get a yellow message. Please see posts with Subject: instrument checkride. Any help is appreciated.

joepilot Guest

I cant figure out lesson 5 in the private pilot, after doing it for the umpteenth time and trying everything from disabling the autopilot and landing myself (with air traffic control permission) and letting our buddy rod fly until we run out of fuel. it makes no sense , does anyone know when microsoft is gonna get off their lazy behinds and fix this damn thing... youd think they wouldve tested these "lessons" first before releasing them, anyway, about the flying into the mountain thing all you have to do is tune your heading bug away from the mountains and the autopilot, I mean "ROD" will fly in the direction you set.

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skypilot2 Trainee

cazub wrote:

well theres one problem with the climb and decents lesson...........our buddy rob turns me RIGHT INTO A MOUNTAIN and kills us both.

Beyond that, i'm in the private pilot checkride and although i admittedly am flying like a drunk with my lag but how about a clue on this one? I so much as fart and the lessons over.

I have tried the private check ride 4 times now. I have flown it flawlessly and Rod still ends the ride. There is obvious issues in the lessons. In reality there are issues all over this FSX. Like someone said, they hope MS gets off there butts and releases some fix patches.

DanielBigham Guest

Hey guys, I have had a number of these issues too. They are:

1) In the climb and descent lesson, Rod flies you into the mountain. He orders you to descend, and if you do, you die. If you don't, he ends the lesson.

2) In the ATC lesson, I also can't figure out how to complete it. Rod just flies you past Paine airfield forever and ever amen. I've tried numerous different things without any luck. It's frustrating, because it takes 20+ minutes each time. I gave up.

3) The most maddening thing: The private pilot checkride. The 90 degree turn is drivng me nutts... I have now tried it 30+ times, and each time, it tells me that my bank was too shallow. But I'm banking at like 60 degrees! How is that shallow? I am extremely, extremely, frustrated.


I wonder if anyone would take REAL pilot lessons with Rod. LOL !

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lionlicker First Officer

Phew! Stone the crows!

Wonder if I'll even do the FSX lessons after reading these posts. The FS9 lessons were bad enough. Hope it is fixed with the SP1(Service Pack 1) cos I would'nt mind stepping through the "official lessons".

-- -Microsoft --- get it together --- whip! - - - whip!

- - - - Censored - Ass Whip - Censored - - -

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JLangevin First Officer

Thats funny, I have passed all check rides, including instrument check rides... I would assume its Pilot Error and not program error. My FSX is not programmed any different that yours...

Next time, manually tune in your freqs when doing check rides, not through ATC window, they are two completely different scripts running at the same time. The instructor is expecting to see you tune the radio, not have you click a shortcut.

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lionlicker First Officer

Thanks JLangevin

Its encouraging to know that the lessons are do-able

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I agree I think there is a bug in ATC lesson 5 on fsx. In 2004 however it all works fine!

Eskil Dalenius Guest

There is another bug, apparently caused by the fact that the tower frequency for KPAE (Snohomish County/Paine Field) has changed between FS2004 and FSX. This means that when running the mission, “caseApp4” will never finish as it checks for the COM1 radio to be tuned to 120.200, while in FSX the Tower frequency is 132.950. Open the lesson5.abl file and look under “Comm radio frequencies for comparison”. The last line is KPAETower. Change the value from 120.200 to 132.950, and the mission will continue and finish as it should.

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lionlicker First Officer

This is very interesting - Thanks Eskil
It has been years since i went through the lessons (have not done the Gold ones yet.)\
gives me incentive to go through them again 😀 😳 Surprised 😂

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