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*****Multiplayer-Names for Online Flying*****

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Pro Member Captain
Razgr1z912 Captain

ollyau wrote:

Mine is the same as my username here, "ollyau" (without quotes)

What do you take the general flyaway community for idiots? We would know without quotes. Well if you do then congrats your 100% correct.

Pro Member Trainee
dtdb Trainee

Mine is dtdb.

Pro Member Trainee
speerlw Trainee

I am xxxlarry[/u][/quote] just call me Larry!!

Pro Member Trainee
VAC4250 Trainee

VAC4250 ( there's a surprise isn't there *grin*)

Pro Member Trainee
cnewborn5 Trainee

My Id is born4flight5 and cnewborn5, love to fly airliners specially the 727 I'm in San Diego, CA

Pro Member Trainee
fasteddie60 Trainee

I am flyinged360

Last edited by fasteddie60 on Sun May 30, 2010 8:40 pm, edited 1 time in total
Pro Member Trainee
Tom12 Trainee

I'm flyingcabbage. Haha, I'm obsessed with cabbages but can't stand the taste.

If i'm not here; I'm usually on icanhascheezburger, or im on NZFF..

CapMan117 Guest

I'm changing my name to: CaptainMan117.

DreamLiner63 Guest

When you on FSX Multiplayer go to any session that has a picture of a green Microphone. So click on that session and join it. To talk to other people, press Caps Lock or press Shift Caps Lock and hold it in to speak. When you done speaking let go of Caps Locks or Shift Caps Lock, and hopefully someone should talk back.

DreamLiner63 Guest

I Am DreamLiner63

DreamLiner63 Guest

Mine is DreamLiner63

DreamLiner63 Guest

I have seen massages saying that their is going to be a new Multiplayer on Fly Away so i was just wondering if you can still talk to people over a headset or a microphone?? Please reply back quick because i got a new Headset for Christmas but i cant use it since game spy isn't working so please tell me quickly cause its an Emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and thankyou for reading this message

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