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I have upgraded my computer to a HP Media Center with all the bells and whistles, but had to replace my Microsoft joystick because there was no serial port to plug it into. My problem is that I cannot seem to program the joystick to bring some of the controls to the stick. the basic flying controls work, but with all the spare buttons not being utilised I could have bought a basic joystick, but that is not what I want.
On the support website, it does mention that the programming only works if one is using their keyboard and mouse. Is this a fact, because if that is so ,I shall be returning th 😕 e joystick. By the way I am using Flight Sim X. its OK but I don;t think it is as good as FS2004, the graphics are good , but thats about all I can say.

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The name of the joystick would be nice 😛

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I have a Saitek X52 and I have no problem programming the buttons except for trying to think of enough assignments for the gazillion buttons and sliders on the thing.
I love the little mouse and left click button on the throttle section.

I'm just using a generic keyboard and mouse.

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Sorry I did'nt mention the name of the joystick but I did in the subject space, but it is a 'Saitek Cyborg evo.' I followed the instructions in the manual to the letter, saved it , but could not activate it. Any suggestions, and please, no smart ones!

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