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Hi everyone,

I am a new player of FS 2004. I would like to ask where can I find the airport radio frequency information in FS? And where can I get ILS information (ILS frequency and runway direction)?

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Jamie4590 Guest


There is a map function you can use to select an airport and view its info.

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The easiest way is to go the Map mode(via the top menu or the Map icon on the panel), then click on the airport symbol. 🙂

guess Guest

in map mode , i can find the radio frequency, but i cant find the exact runway direction. eg, runway 31L can mean the runway direction 310-319degree.

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You won't find the exact runway heading, just the inbound course of the ILS or LOC, if equipped. Runways are numbered by magnetic direction rounded to the nearest 10 degrees. The L, C or R means they're paralell runways so they are marked Left, Center or Right.🙂

Runway 2=20 degrees
---------10=100 degrees
---------19= 190 degrees
---------28=280 degrees
---------34= 340 degrees

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I assume an imaginary position in the centre of a (also imaginary) compass.
If the runway is 09L the approach is from my position towards the 90 degree mark on my imaginary compass (or from west to east). 09L is to the left of 09R flying from the centre of the compass position.
If the same runway was listed as 27R, it would be approached from the east, heading west towards the 270 degree mark on the compass.

If the runway looked like this --> /
it might be listed as runway 03, this would mean that you fly in to it at a NNE direction. It could also be runway 21 which you would fly in with a SSW heading.

Look for the ILS frequency for the runway number that matches your direction of travel.

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If you double click the airport symbol on the map you will be shown a list of details about the airport and nearby nav aids.

I also often just go to alt, world, airports in the menu to get the same info. If you do go to that tool while flying be sure you back out of it with the cancel button or esc key instead of just hitting enter or ok... that will place your a/c at the airport you were reading about.

hewqtor Guest

thx a lot, i can find all the information which are needed for landing.

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