Finally found the best freeware Hercules

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After searching and trying out different Hercules's all day yesterday i think i've finallly got one with the best bits .

I tried five different one's yesterday and they all have thier good points .In particular simshed's hercules is excellent it uses Clive Ryan's panel and has a excellent virtual cockpit but i took a big fps hit .
So i kept searching hoping i'd find one with all the best bits and eventually i found this one by Claus Vendelboe Holmberg .
It use's Mike Stone's model , Clive Ryan's amazing panel and sounds are byMike Hambly. It also has side and back views and there is loads of textures available for Mike Stone's model.Here's the link

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Mike Stone has done some fine work. And, yes, he did especially so on the Herc. Enjoy it - and send him a TNX when you have the time. 🙂

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