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Didn't have this problem in FS2002 but in 2004 I am getting a constant pull to the right t on take off and a right bank after rotation. Can't seem to get it lt level without autopilot. Trim doesn't seem to help either. Any suggestions?

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In which plane is this, and what are the wind conditions when you are taking off?

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Cesna 182. Same drift at all airports in all directions with no wind. It is more of a turn than a drift as dropping a wing or crabbing has no effect.

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Well I myself can in a no-winds-scenaro only think of 3 things,

- Aileron trim
- Rudder trim
- incorrectly distributed weight on the plane

You can center the trims by reloading the plane when you've started up and are ready to taxi
You can check the weight distribution in the "Aircraft -> Fuel&Payload" menu.

Does it happen on any other planes?

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It's completely normal during take off. This effect is called Torque.
To compensate, apply left or right rudder.


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I am aware of torque, it can be trimmed out. I was a pilot. ARD-DC had the right solution. It stopped when I reloaded the aircraft. I screwed something up on the puter. It is harder to fly than the real thing.
Thanks a lot guys.

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