F/16 viper or F-3 Tornado that is the question!!!

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whitch one do you like or prefer the most i like the f/16 better

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Want a beauty, got the computer to handle it, here she is!


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Anonymous wrote:

Want a beauty, got the computer to handle it, here she is!


Embarassed That's me, I forgot to loggin 🙄


-.Jester.- Guest

hey radar man what kind of pc do you have and what do you run the game on xp or windows?? and what kind of video card do you have b/c the airplane look like a beauty

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My machine is getting old, a new one the first part of next year.
P-4 1.5 gig
512mb Rambus
Ati Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb
XP home

It was a beautiful jet but very hard on the machine, a high LOD.


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VIPER hands down. IMHO Kirk's Viper is simply the best fighter for FS9. It handles better and more realistically than any of the others that I've tried. I can even fly it at extremely low airspeeds (<100 kts.) using very high AOA's, maintaining level flight. I can't do that with any of the other fighters. They just don't have the realism that the Viper has. The Viper is also very friendly on the frame rates, another plus.

BTW: I love the SuperHornet, but man does it eat up my machine.

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Yeh, if you want to get somewhere quickly the F16 does the job. I also love to come up to an airport at high mach levels, swing it round and deploy the airbrakes and do a very quick landing. You can slow that plane down incredibly quickly.

Time yourself from San Bernadino Int. to Great Bear Lake...

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