Fastest Freeware Aircraft??

TimTim Guest

Hi, after a long time of flying Cessna's and the heavy metal I decided that I want a new challenge, I want a really fast airplane, but I don't want to pay for it 😎

Which is the fastest airplane you can get for free in Flight Simulator 2004??

I already have an F-16 Viper, which I think is capable of 2 Mach, and I already have a freeware version of a concorde (which is a bad version tbh)

Is there any airplanes faster than Kirk Olsoon's Viper availbe as freeware in FS2k4

Thanks for the help in advance

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Is this fast enough for you?

File Description:
FS2004 Stratojet Chronos The Stratojet Chronos is an extremely fast business jet. It can fly at mach 3.5 over long distances AND is capable to land on and take of from very short runways too! FS2004, dynamic virtual cockpit, 5 liveries, reflective textures, opening door, full moving parts, functional ramjet, panel with custom gauges, custom sound, effects... by Eugene Heyart

Can be found at -

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Further to the Stratojet Chronos above - the installation process for this a/c is not for beginners, but all the necessary instructions are in the readmefile, follow it step by step and should be OK.

Takes off on a dime - flies well - my pilot skills don't stretch to good landings

Some nice smoke and jet effects -

Click for bigger image -

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I just flew it from Diego Garcia to Dubai. Rather conservative Mach 2.5 FL650. 3 hours! I'm about 35 miles out, still on A/P when all of a sudden, it accelerates to Mach 1.5 and climbs to 15,000 ft. I have to do some serious work on that plane. The A/P Altitude hold sometimes bounces around by +/- 2k ft.

Still, it does get from point A to point B really quickly. 😂

TimTim Guest

I downloaded it!!

It took about 10 mins to install it but believe me it was well worth it!!

Its just so lovely!! It can be an out of control beast that can get from the ground to the clouds on a fair day in about 10 seconds (sometimes even 5) or it can be really controllable (such as when you are coming in to land)

Great plane whoever made it 🙂

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bbonsignor Trainee

i no of one for fsx at called mirage on crack

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