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So finely I am back home after being away for 2 months.
Among other thinks I both a new ATI 9600xt video card
One of the reasons (except upgrading my system) is my wish to work with multiple monitors. So here is the “report”:

The “Carrier”:Pentium 4 CPU 2.8 Ghz , 512 MB ram Onboard voice system 40 GB 7200 RPM hard disk. , QDI P4I865 mainboard
ATI RADEON 9600XT video card (US$180) with dual out (CRT & DVI ) and 2 monitors: MAG 19’’ and Brother 17’’(I am not proud of the monitors). I set the monitors physically and by setting (control panel->display->settings) one below the other
Except that I have a CH USB yoke and a CH USB pedals.
The "Iron bird" : Cessna C172
The “Nest” : Seattle Tacoma runway 34R clear sky, on the runway
The “Results” :
After replacing the card and setting the card drivers with the old settings (most of the sliders around half way or less Res :1024x768x32) I got a double frame rate up to 48 FPS. By setting the sliders to ¾ up now I have 34FPS. (anti-aliasing off)
With opening radio stack or GPS I am loosing 3-4 frames
By opening a second window (“[”) the frame rate dropping 15-20 rates per sec. So every body how has “unlimited frame rates “can open a second or a third window which it can be very useful when u using multiple monitors . Opening FSNavigator is about loosing 8-10 FPS

What can you do?:
You can upon other things: Drag the main panel (instrument panel) or/and GPS or/and the radio stack panel to the second monitor and free the view on the main monitor. Or you can to open a second window ([ ) and drag it to the second monitor as the spot view, (the hatch switch acting fine) enlarge it and watch your self from “out side” while flying your plane from the cockpit. You can drag other panels like throttle quadrant as well. By dragging panels/windows to the second monitor I could not detect any significant change on frame rate.

With the new possibilities raised a few new questions but those questions in another post.

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Bow Down Thanks for the fascinating and complete rundown about setting up the two monitors.
You sound as if you are having a terrific time with it. It would be nice to have the GPS on another screen.
I am starting to think that this obsession with FPS is getting out of hand. If the aircraft is flying smoothly, not jerking or hesitating what does it matter what the FPS is. I just set mine at 24 and think I will set it down to a 20 cap. 🤔
This way I have more resources for the scenery (I fly GA props) and can enjoy the view more.
I have a ATI 9800 pro and could get an adapter to put two (CRT) monitors up, I have an extra, you are temping me with the story of your setup, too bad I'm lazy, maybe...maybe.
Good luck and enjoy! 👍


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To RadrMan
1. The GPS is on the second monitor. No problem with that. I still have some problems setting FSNavigator to the second monitor.
2.I both the DVI to CRT adapter for 10$.Price is ranging for 2.5 -to -28 $. I can't say the different.
3.The most difficulty part was of setting up the system is to take out the second monitor from the storage room and place it on the table (for me)

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I know just what you mean. My other monitor is sitting on a table right behind me. But to set it up means that I have to put up another wall shelf above the workbench, move some of my jun...uhhh valuable equipment to the shelf and build a stand for the second monitor. 🤔
Excuse me for now, I'm tired just thinking about it. Sleep


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