I flew my first SID!

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I flew my first SID (DP) successfully this week. I mention this because I usually don't use SIDS. They can be very tricky for a beginner. It was out of Los Angeles for Chicago. In real life, the planes leave LAX heading west out over the Pacific Ocean for several minutes before turning around to the left to follow their inland route east. I would guess this is a noise abatement procedure. The instructions are to turn to heading 235 after crossing the SMO VOR radial 160. At a point 15 miles DME of LAX VOR, you begin a left turn to head back over LAX. This was tricky, but I used the ADF needle on the RMI tuned to the LAX VOR. I just lined up the airplane with the needle. Easy as pie! The DP is called "LOOP4" but there is one similar called "KWYET1" which uses RNAV (which I know nothing about and probably don't have on my FS-2002 B-737.

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Congratulations 🙂 It is a very satisfying feeling, isn't it.

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Congratulations! 👍

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I fly with my old charts-I have charts for all of USA--Doing IFR is different, a lot of flight simmers dont try it, but its how its done in real life.

Nothing like flying from one place to another, and into really bad weather, doing your approach and landing via insruments.

It will only make you a better flyer

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Thanks. You're quite right. It does give one satisfaction to fly one of these routes correctly. It's a sense of accomplishment I guess because you're learning something that applies to the real world.

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