Multiplayer Warning

High Flyer Guest

The people at Microsoft have really gone to great eforts to bring FS X to a level of enjoyment that cannot be explained. My congratulations to all that are involved. One must however have the right pc to use it to its full potential.
If you ever host a site in multiplayer you are herby WARNED that there are total morons who will destroy not only your faith in great pilots but will destroy your game. They seem to get great joy in doing same. Put the name of SILVERHAWK in your mind and dont forget it. This moron will join your game, take it over, join you in your aircrft and promptly put you in the ground. Unless you take immediate steps to ban this idiot you might as well give your your game. He gets a great deal of pleasure in destroying what is a great place to meet others and enjoy flight. No doubet he will change his name but at least you now know he joins the ranks of other mornons in the world. If anyone can stop this idiot or others like him go for it.

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