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MRJLaunch Guest

Here are the real (non-Microsoft) comparison pictures between the FSX Demo and FSX Standard Edition. For all those who have played the demo and want to know if the full version looks any better.

FSX SE (Left) | FSX Demo (Right)

Both games were run at the highest possible quality settings and at the same time of day and same weather.
The key differences I picked up on were that some small anomalies were fixed, the water looks a lot better and more autogen scenery was added.

I guess Windows Vista and DX10 will make the big difference....?

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Pro Member Chief Captain
Tailhook Chief Captain

The only obvious difference are the water textures... to my eyes anyway Umm...

Pro Member Chief Captain
Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Yes there isn't too much difference. Just a few added extras. 👍

lemonwonder Guest

Yes, but the demo is soooo limited, this is just the graphics.... demo is way stink

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