Need 9 repaints made ASAP, will pay $$$

cheekytrolly Guest

I need some repaints made for me for a virtual Areo Club I want to start this holidays. The aircarfts I need painting are:

Cessna Grand Caravan (defualt)
Cessna 182 (default)
Cessna 207 (will give link)
De Havilland Twotter (will give link)
De Havilland Tiger Moth (will give link)
De Havilland Chipmunk (will give link)
Just Flights Flying Club Piper PA38 Tomahawk (will personally send)
Just Flights Flying Club Piper PA34 Senaca II (will personally send)
Just Flights Flying Club Piper PA28 Warrior (will personally send)

I will give you full specs if you are interested, just give me an e-mail at I basically need a two-tone job, half creame and half green with a flag on the tail- Should be easy for someone who has experience and wont take too long.

Thanks in advance,
Andrew Underwood

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

With reference to the First Flight payware a/c - do you have permission from the software company to distribute their products?

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Irvin25 Trainee

I would be interested in some of the freeware planes but I wont touch the payware

cheekytrolly Guest

Ok, I forgot about the payware liscence thingy- thanks for reminding me. Instead, I would just like the following aircraft painted:

de Havilland Tiger Moth
Download here: (just search avsim for '')
See detailed diagram here:

de Havilland Chipmunk- canadian trainer version
Download here:
See detailed diagram here:

Cessna 206
Download here:
See detailed diagram here:

Cessna 182 (default)
See detailed diagram here:

As for the "silver ferm logo" mentioned in the diagrams, that is to be placed on the tail, the picture of it it below:

I need these repaints done urgently asap- so please please please contact me if you are interested. My e-mail is and I'm happy to answer any questions you have. Also, feel free to post them here.

Thanks again,

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ceetee Chief Captain

Please guys, Blush someone make me these paints!

I'm an offical member so you can PM me now,



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ceetee Chief Captain



I doubt if you will get lettering on the wings of the default aircraft due to the texture mapping.

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