Tellure landing how to complete????


OK after I try like 6 times to land that learjet at tellure, I finally did it , I manage to taxi close to the limo and shutdown the airplane,, the females copilot last said,,"park here" and thats it,, what else did I had to do? I didnt got credit for the mission, when I hit escape it says mission pending,,what else did I had to do?? I try all but nothing I even open the door of the lear but nothing,,not even tips from FSX ,,Im so pissed because after trying to land it like 6 times and when I finally di it I didnt get credit,,damdg,, does anybody know what else I had to do? or how to complete the mission?? thanks in advance

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I did it.. you just have to park properly I think. you should've saved the game after you landed successfully

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I'm just wondering if you got off the runway on the proper taxiway and used the proper path to get to the limos, I follow the lines and all and also nothing would happen at first and I backtracked again to the runway until she started talking again, then I follow the taxiway right up to the limos but it had said mission success like almost right after I got off the runway. I dont remember exactly wich taxiway to get off of, but I think she tells you when you hit the ground. From my picture coming back on the parallel taxiway, I see 4 extis so I'm guessing it's like the 4th exit around there. Try this and it should be alright.


thanks for your feddback Ill try it again (should have saved it) and I hope it works this time,, I would have been nice for FSX to guide you in some way or give you tips,,If Im going to have issues like this one on every mission, I wont even go to that section anymore.

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sometimes, like heli landings, you have to go over the target many times and hit it and hit it.. i had to circle the area a couple times before it would accept


that sucker woudnt land,,all my aporach is perfect but on short final the controls of my controler 360 gets smushy ,,just a simple left or right turn and overcontrols the airplane, is like in real life ill be moving the joke left and right abruptly,,and I did calibrate the controler because with other planes wok fine,,i tried it to land that sucker 4 times already and I dont care for today anymore

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The same thing happened to me. I had a bad landing and it told me to go park. The mission would not end, no matter how I parked the plane.

I tried it again with a better landing and "mission success" no parking was necessary.

Also save the flight before landing so you can pick up where you left off.

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wow it didnt occur to me,,so can you save the mission on short final?? and take it from there as long as you want?

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Anonymous wrote:

wow it didnt occur to me,,so can you save the mission on short final?? and take it from there as long as you want?

Yes, hit " ; " and save the mission. When you go back to the MISSIONS tick the box that says "View saved missions" and they will show up in the list.

Also if you copmplete a mission successfully you can go back and re-fly and fail with out loosing the rewards you have.

Bunger 🙂

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