B52 Complete Package--No Engine Sound !!!

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I downloaded the complete B52 package and I have no engine sound. What's up with that? Anyone have any suggestions or is there a "fix" in the works? It sure would be nice to have complete sound, not just the landing gear sound.

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Odd, I downloaded it and have sound. You can try unzipping it again and see what the read-me has to say.

If you want to try this, I never have.

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I had the same trouble. I unzipped each folder separately to the FS9/aircraft folder. Then when I got no sound, I went and checked and only one of the two B52 folders had a sound folder. Just copy that one to the one without and you should be all set. It actually uses the default 737-400 sounds.

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My B-52 had no sound so I created a file named sound.cfg in the B'52's "Sound" sub folder with this text:


This will alias or use the 737-400 sounds.

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