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I was wathcing VH1 when they inter-viewed Paul Stnaley & Gene Simmons. They got to a part when Paul was talking about the first time they went to Japan. He said that they (KISS) flew Pan Am, and Pan Am kindly named the 747, Clipper KISS. He also mentioned that there are still photos of that plane around today. So far I have not found any. If any of you have any info please let me know.


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Thanks for finding the photo. I had looked on
I must have typed in something wrong.

Thanks again for the photo pokey1694

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Big KISS letters on the side, with the Pan Am logo on the tail. Drool

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PanAmerican wrote:

Big KISS letters on the side, with the Pan Am logo on the tail. Drool

Check this out.


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Thanks for the link. I almost forgot about that plane. I painted it a while ago, and had it in my fleet. Going to re-do it. At the time I painted it I didn't know that much about repainting. Now that I know more, my repaints are getting better. Also, I have this site, just haven't updated it recently:


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where can I find the pics. of the Clipper Kiss?

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