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I have tried to download many Pan Am 747 from but none of has the ATC say Pan Am. In a deaflut plane it would say ldsafj 517 heavy cleared for takeoff but in the Pan Am 747 all it says is 517 heavy cleared for takeoff. does any1 know where to get a Pan Am 747 that has the sound?


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i forget exactly what it says but in the .cfg there is something that says something like: airline name=
and then if you look in the .cfg then you would put: airline name=Pan American or airline name=Pan Am
im not sure since i havent done this since i had fs2002 so im not quite sure if this is the same a FS9. but i hope this helps some... 😉 .

L.A Guest

do you mean the aircraft cfg in the pan am folder?

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