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Just tried the Nvidia 61.77 driver on Geforce 4 MX400. Nice improvement of framerate with AA but 2D panels are now twice as wide as normal if AA is anything else than "OFF".
Does anybody have a clue ?

Regards, Peter

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Sorry no one has helped you yet but as I said in another post I buy ATI and don't know enough to help you with Nividia.
All I can tell you is to clean out your old drivers and reinstall the new ones, they may have been corrupted.
Also check you control panel to see that it's properly set.
Use the driver cleaner that they supply and if they don't have one you can use this one.
Good luck and let us know how it works out.



Gast Guest

Thanks for the hints, so far I followed Nvidias recommendation to uninstall everything before installing the new driver. Would be nice to hear if somebody has a similar configuration without the flaw. This would indicate some installation bug.
On the other hand, Nvidia drivers had frequently problems in the past, so the solution would be to revert to the previous one.

Regards, Peter

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