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Flywho operate flights from Birmingham, UK to Florida but on a recent Watchdog show it was revealed that they ahve yet to operate a single flight. Many people have paid for flights that have then been cancelled but they have received no refunds.

A representative from Flywho appeared on Watchdog but gave no indication to refunds or schedualed flights and came accross as uninterested and arrogant.

I don't know if since the programme they have operated flights but the website is up.

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We appreciate that cancelled flights give rise to anger, disappointment and frustration; in fact a whole range of emotions.

The sales team who answer your calls are there to help and assist you as best they can. A cancelled flight is neither their fault nor responsibility.

Callers who are rude, abusive, aggressive and threatening will not be tolerated. Such calls will be terminated and all future communication be conducted by correspondence.

We trust you will understand the spirit in which this note is intended.

it seems as though they did get alot of angry callers over cancelled flights

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I have just had a read of their site.

They seem quite upset with Watchdog!

Viewers of the WATCHDOG programme transmitted by the BBC on Tuesday evening Nov 21st deserve to know how dishonest, inaccurate and deceitful the feature on our business was.

We understand that facts get in the way of a ‘good story’, but the lack of comprehensive research in assembling this feature is outrageous.

FACT - We offered to work with the Producers of the programme to resolve any genuine issues that they may have found, but they preferred to decline our offer of direct help. Rather than work with us to resolve these issues, they preferred to make a genuine, honest company look like crooks and fools.

FACT - They were invited to come in to see us. They were given permission to interview many happy customers and given free reign to speak to any of our excellent team. This opportunity to really find out what is going on here was declined. We were advised this is not company policy.

FACT - Most air travel sold in the UK is regulated and monitored by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). They did not feature in this story because they have no concern about our actions and processes or the legitimacy of our situation and status. On 2nd November 2006 the CAA offered us a new ATOL licence until March 2008 (subject to compliance conditions). This follows a ‘fine tooth comb’ analysis of our business and procedures.

As they spend their entire life studying and watching travel companies, We hope the public will trust the CAA’s professional judgement of us rather than an ill researched ten minute TV ‘drama’.

FACT - The Dragons Den drama was interesting. Mr Angus Milne, put up as one of the experts, failed to mention that his company, Beer and Partners, contracted with us two years ago to act in raising venture funding. Clearly they saw no problems with us then when the pitch was done correctly. They were very keen to take our money, however, their experts between them delivered nothing! We are still awaiting a refund!

FACT - One of the three customers interviewed wrote to us a couple of weeks ago to say she did not require a refund if we would move her travel dates to next year. We were more than happy to accommodate this request. Both customer and Watchdog deliberately concealed this point! We struggle to understand why we are the bad guys for doing the very thing we had been asked to do!

FACT – Every customer has been told many times they will be refunded as fast as practically possible. That remains the case.

Not one complaint was received from anyone saying we have refused to make refunds.

The BBC know nothing about us as people, what we actually stand for, how we run our business and about the care we have for our customers.

So far as we are aware, Watchdog have made no attempt to understand the level of abuse, threats and intimidation that has been our daily experience since our sad announcement.

Many companies would have just closed for business and ‘run’ with customer’s money leaving the CAA and the Travel Trust Fund to clear up the mess. Our commitment to make these refunds in considerably less time than that process would take underlines our values and our integrity.

We could go on and on and on with facts that were either not wanted or were ignored or deliberately misrepresented by the BBC.

Information is available to substantiate all of the foregoing.

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Maybe Flywho should direct their operating capital towards getting aircraft in the sky instead of for hiring 'expert' copywriters. 😂


If you go to the Flywho website and click onto the timetable section, no flights are shown. Also if you go to the "FAQ" section and click onto the question "Is my booking protected by ABTA or something", there is no corresponding answer. Doesn't look good!


The FlyWho website has now disappeared. A phone call to them came up with the information that all flights have been cancelled and that no bookings are being taken. Looks like the end.

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