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Hi there,
If a runway doesn't have an ILS and ATC tells you it will be a visual landing, is there anyway you can program a landing guide into your GPS so you can still do an approach on AP?
Any replies will be appreciated.

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Well, by definition a visual landing is just that... visual. If you still must, I suppose you could use the "approach" page on the GPS to program an approach, but it will be an instrument procedure - not what ATC instructed.

On this note, it seems a lot of ATC in the US will assign visual approaches - which does not happen in Europe. A pilot may request one, but will never be assigned one. If you're talking about default FS2004 ATC all this doesn't matter, it's crappy and you may do as you prefer 😛

May I suggest

Any other questions by all means, we'll try to help as much as possible (we have a few really good people here).

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This will not give you an approach but can be used to fly a approach to those grass strips.

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GPS will not control your vertical motion, only your horizontal motion. So even if you tell it to fly an established approach, GPS and the autopilot could get you lined up with the runway, but you would still need to control your descent to the airport.

Not all airports have established approaches programmed into GPS, though, so if your airport doesn't have one, you're on your own.


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