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ive heard people talking about slew mode to take screenshots. i dont really take screenshots often so i dont know what slew mode is. could somne fill me in here? thanks in advance. 😉 😀

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Whilst in flight, or even stood on the runway, press "Y", the screen pauses, and then press "F4". Your aircraft will climb vertical, and you'll see at the top of the screen your altitude rising also. When you reach your desired altitude, press "Y" again, and you'll stop slewing. 😉

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Basically a good explanation of slewing is to get to a certain place and position in Flight Simulator without flying there, you just use Slew Mode to move or rotate the aircraft into the position you want

You can do lots in slew mode, adjust height, direction, bank angle, nose pitch etc.

May sound confusing at first, but a few experimentations with it will do the trick

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thanks! 😉

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