Bored lie I am waiting for the super bowl? Well I just figured out this glitch that let's go airplane sledding! Heres what you do.

1. Pick a Cessna 172 (works the best) BE SURE CRASHES ARE TURNED OFF!!!!!
2. Got to Lukla airport (VNLK) in Nepal (Yes this is at Mt. Everest)
3. Go into slew mode and find a mountain. Put your plane near the top but where there is a small incline.
4. Take it out of slew mode and apply the parking brake. The plane will slide down the mountain!
5. If the plane hits something too hard it will reset itself flying straight and level. When it does this, simply put it back in slew mode and press F1. This should put it back on the mountain, and let it slide again! JUST LIKE SLEDDING! It's fun! Try it!

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Whatever floats your boat... 🙄

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

Censored flying... this is the Censored boys!

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Guest Ed Guest

Now that's really silly. I LIKE IT!!


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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

SeanGa wrote:

Censored flying... this is the Censored boys!


Lets respect the Forum rules 😉

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