General texture problem,invalid display.

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I have recently swapped from win 2k to XP and installed fresh FS9. I don't know why but in 80% of all my flights fuselage texture begins to dissapear few minutes after I start the flight. Apart from that everything is fine. And it's not only one model or texture problem. It happens on my PMDG 747 (but not on 737!) and also on normal opensky models, kittyhawk etc. All *.bmp files are fine, I have no problems with gfx drivers or anything else. And why is it only fuselage texture?? I am just getting gray model base color plus rest of the fine working textures. Can anyone please try to explain this fenomen to me please?

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What is your video card.


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ATI RADEON 9550 256mb

I also discovered that it appears (the fuselage texture) when I switch views from time to time during the flight, but mostly it's not appearing.

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that happened to me when I got my card a while back (radeon 9250, 256MB). The fuselage textures got sketchy, and the clouds were all distorted. I just adjusted the settings on the card itself and played around with the acceleration software

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