Texture problem with Harrier GR. 7-1 (F)

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I've downloaded and installed the Harrier GR. 7-1(F)
All gauges and effects are working fine.
Vertical take off and landing is really an amazing feature.
I do have one problem, getting only the gray color texture, the other texture with the yellow/red color is missing.

Any advice will be welcome.


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It's most likely your video card, it's getting old and can't render the graphics.

Give us your system specs and see if we can help.


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Thanks for your reply

My system specs:
Windows XP sp2
Pentium 4 , 3 GHz
Ram 1 GB
V. card Geforce FX 5500

Awaiting for your advice

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Everything looks good except that card, it's much to old for good settings and rendering of the textures unless you have it set low.
Since you have AGP and not PCIe (express) look for the best AGP you can find, they shouldn't cost too much and it'll not only increase your visual effects but raise your FPS also.

I can't remember exactly but it's some thing like a ATi x1850, x850??? About $150, just guessing.

You can check out NVIDIA also, they should have some great ones.

Let us know how you do.

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