expediate your decent and slow to 185 knots!!

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Hi Guys,

I am frustrated.
Just trying the landing mission in FSx in St . marteen.

I am expected to decend from 7000 to 3000 while slowing to 180 from 250. Even with power at idle, the plane increases speed once i nose down.

How can you slow down and decend at the same time??

By the way FSx runs excellent on my
Toshiba P100 347 17'' Laptop
Core 2 duo, 2.16 Gig RAM
512MB Nvidia 7900

Graphics are gorgeous with settign all maxed out.
I think its worth the dosh 😂

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well you can either reduce power but dont lower the nose, your airplane is trim to fly at a certain speed so if you pich down the airspeed will increase,, so just rediuce power and the airplane will descent,, is like using the short field landing technique, if you are familiar witht that.. also I dont know how far are you from the airport but if you lower the gear and a notch of flaps will help you created drag and reduce speed, but check your flap extention speed first.

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You can use the speed brake (forward slash) and/or flaps to reduce speed while decending.
Also make sure your vertical speed isnt too great.

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Speed Brakes are the big thing I learned to use when descending. Also make sure you use your flaps. When you use speed brakes and flaps and descend at a not too quick vertical speed, you'll notice as a warning your speed dropping a lot so make sure to compensate with a bit more engine power. In the missions I foudn when they said idle engine, with speed brakes and flaps out with regular descent, I needed to bring the engine RPM up to avoid going too slow and falling out of the sky.

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