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Ive still new with flying and ive been reading all the ground school and all the lessons MANY times. Im at lesson # 4 i think, anyways it is called slow flight.

During this lesson Rod asks me to enter slow flight to 60 knots and after a bit he'll tell me to raise RPM to 2000 and then maintain 60 knots and fly level at 4000. Now heres my problem, i can somewhat maintain those 60 knots when i have power to 1500RPM(what he tells me to start at) but as soon as i go to 2000RPM my speed starts to slowly increase along with my altitude. What am i doing wrong, and why cant i seem to maintain what he asks of me.

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I think this is one of the lessons that is bugged. FS9's lessons are completeable, ( i know, i did all of them Embarassed ) But some are a B*%$& to complete, liek that one...maybe someone here could tell you where to find a patch, cause I dont remember how i did that one


If someone could tell me if it is bugged and if so tell me where to get a patch from that would be great.

Well i did complete it, just i had to slow down reduce my angle of attack and get many many messages from rod telling me to do this and this. but im pretty sure i didnt do it right since i kept getting a lot of messages while i was correcting my speed and height.

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There has been only one patch for 2004 and that was an all inclusive major one.
I don't think any patches for the lessons were in it.
If you install this, follow it step by step or it won't work, or worse.


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Does he tell you to have any stage of flap at this time ie 10 degrees? If not might be worth sticking some in to give you a bit of drag.

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