Key board input mix-up??

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Hi all 😀

I encountered a problem tonight.
Normally I use the - and + to zoom in and out. But suddenly the input from the keyboard is mixed up.

- (zooming out) result's in small view windows 😕

and + (zooming in) result's in the spoilers being deployed, normally activated by pressing /

This mix up in the control input comes without notice, suddenly it's there, after zooming in and out without a problem, it just goes wrong for no known reason.

I encounterd this same problem a lot with FS2004 and figured it was a thing of the past with FSX, but it's still there. So it's time for me to ask on the forum's.

Does anyone know what causes this and how to turn it back without restarting?

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Are you using the same Keyboard when you where running fs2004, you might have a faulty keyboard. Also do a virus scan it is possible you have a virus on your computer.

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No that isn't an option.

While I'm flying everything is excellent. Zooming in and out, no problem.
And with no reason suddenly the zooming doesn't work anymore. - becomes adding extra view windows and + makes the spoilers deploy. It's like the keyboard takes on a different language....

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How long have you been using the keyboard now? And what sort of keyboard is it?

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It's just a stock model from Compaq, came with the PC. Just a year old now.

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Hmm, I've been using an eMachines keyboard for nearly 4 years now, one that just came with the comp lol. Well if it's been fine before now which I'm assuming it was I highly doubt it's a technical problem also considering it's just a year old.

My guess is it's a software problem. If this has just been FSX that this has happened with there is a strong possibility it's an incompatibility issue. Not meaning to be patronizing here but just wanna ask if you have set the keyboard config on FSX to the default?


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Thanks for your reply.

It can't be a software problem, since one minute everything is working fine and the next minute the input is messed up. It just happens, I can fly for hours without having this problem and the next time I fly I zoom in and out like every other flight, and suddenly the bug shows up again.

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This topic may be rather old now, but I wanted to let you guys know I found what causes it. It's the key combination of ctrl+shift 😳
When setting altitude hold or something with ctrl+shift+z it doesn's happen but when a key is presses that didn't had a funtion with ctrl+shift, it happens, and then a simple ctrl+shift is needed to restore normal operation, pretty silly ain't it? Embarassed

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