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Hello again all

From my recent post you’ll remember that I’ve just bought FS9 but won’t have a PC to install it on until next week.

I’ve been leafing through various posts here in the forums in the hopes of finding little nougats of wisdom that might help me when I get started next week, but I’ve just come across one that has me a bit worried and I hope you might be able to put my mind at rest.

The post I found is from somebody who has lost his product key, which he thinks was on the back of the manual, but which somebody told him is actually on the back of a 4 cd pack.

This rang an alarm bell in my head, because having already opened mine to have a look at the manual, I didn’t remember seeing a product key either on the manual or otherwise in the pack!

I’ve read through the install instructions and there is no mention of having to input a number, so I’m hoping that the difference is that I am in the UK and have bought the product from a UK (internet) retailer, while the guy with the problem is in the US.

Still in the back of my mind I am imagining that when I finally get the opportunity to install this next week, it’s going to ask me for a non existent number! So could somebody (praps from the from the UK) put my mind at rest here?

Many thanks


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I am in UK. I am certain I didn't need to enter a product key.


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Just checked my FS9 manual, there is no product key on it and it does'nt mention having to input one in the install instructions. So you should be ok! 😀

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I installed a fresh FS9 today and the product key was displayed at the end of installation (e.g., disk #4). Not sure if it can be pulled up by searching the disk itself, but I presume this is how the product key is submitted to MS for verification.

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Thank’s guys, that makes me feel a lot better.

I hesitated even posting the question to be honest, because in a few days I would find out one way or the other in any case right? But I get a Bee in my bonnet about this stuff and I don’t seem to be able to let it go! I guess I’m just wired that way!

Anyway, thank’s for the replies, I’ll now officially forget about it until next week.


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Just a quick update to let you all know that everything installed beautifully and I'm busily taking flying lessons in my Cessna. in fact I've just failed my first solo flight test!

Thank's again for the input.


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Glad you're up and running, happy flying! 😀


I`m in the US and bought my FS9 in December of '03. Mine didn`t have a product key and didn`t require a product key...

Perhaps the Product keys came out in later editions of FS9.

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