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We need it, don't we? I know I do!! Imagine it, when ya land LAX in a Lear45 with a few businessmen exiting the plan and going into the airport! Or better yet, an overseas flight that you have found rather challenging, and once you land ya get that tearful reward of seeing people of all different shapes and sizes (lol) exiting the plane while hearing the battering feet off the floor of the jetway.

Please, someone...make a passenger add on!


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good one..But instead of making a different addon for passengers i would suggest FSPassengers to include it in their future release...

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Fs Passengers.

But is only to FS 2004

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Please very important to see passenegrs
or buses take them from the stairs

it will make the game 10 times more realistic
more add-ons like that are more then welcome there is any for fsx ?

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the owner of the site has just had a op.

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Have you guys read this?

About update
-As FsX is announced for this summers (I have a doubt :doubt: ) new release will now be tied to this release.
-If FsX is late by several month I'll do another update this summers for FsP 2004 to fix small glitch and perhaps add some news features.
-If FsX is incoming I'll try to get a hand on the beta and see if an update is possible, suitable and how much time it would take.
-If the fix for FsX take a low time (one month for example) update for FsP 2006 will be free for registered users. if it take several month I'll ask an upgrade fee depending of the time taken.

I'll try my best as usuall to keep FsPassengers up to date. Please understand that as I don't know at all how FsX will look I don't know if and update will be possible and how many time it will take.

Best regards

Taken from here ➡

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