Airbus virtual cockpit not working

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Hi, need some help with Open Sky project Airbus 330 for FSX downloaded from this site.
After tweaking a little bit everything seems to work but the virtual cockpit.
Infact if I select the virtual cockpit mode I only get a sort of forward view without any panel or controls. Is it meant to be like that or where did I go wrong in the installation process?
thx 😀

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Elite0259 Trainee

nope, same thing happened to me, btw i dunno if u noticed, but its all 747 panels too

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Musiclander0301 Trainee

actually that certain download doesn't come with a VC. As a matter of fact, about have of the downloads don't come with them; i guess it's just because of the extra time and know-how it would take to build it.

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