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Is there a way to skip waypoints in an IFR flight plan with the ATC, or create a flight plan from your current location and file it with the ATC?

I filed a flight from Honolulu to Kansai Intl through jet airways, but the first the legs were at such angles that it was basically impossible to fly them in the 747. The ATC kept directing me back to the first legs even when I had long passed them.

At first I ignored the ATC and cancelled the IFR and switched to VFR through the route planned into the GPS. Now, is there any way to resume the IFR when sitting midway between Hawaii and Japan? Every time i tried, the ATC wanted me to turn back to Hawaii to complete the first legs.

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in flight go and create a new flight plan (I dont remember what button is , I think is Map) and create a new flight plan from the point where you are flying , then goback to flying window and I should be on ATC system

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