IFR plan canceled

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often when I am approaching a busy airport
on IFR from oposite landing runway direction
instead of asked to make a U turn to land and
establish on localizer I am directed to continue
away fro the airport and flight plan gets canceled
by ATC radar service terminated!
any idea why is this happening?

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Welshflyer Captain

Hi Beroun, this i'm afraid is one of those really annoying FS9 glitches that happen quite often! It ALWAYS happens to me when i fly to KLAX from a certain direction and i end up finding my own way in, it's one of those things we have to live with, unfortunately Evil or Very Mad !

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I concur with Welshflyer. Try approaching LOWW (Vienna) from the west in a 'heavy'. ATC is incapable to vector you in... following ATC precisely, you'll end up parallel to the RWY but about half a mile off. You'll end up declaring 'missed approach' and this is where the fun starts.
Being a good boy, I always do as I'm told... ergo, I follow ATC instructions (again). ATC sends me around in a WIDE circle and loses the plot (yet again)... you can do this all day, I did it for a couple of hours then quit. Pulled up the map and found that I'd been send around the same circle again and again, crossing into Hungarian and Czech airspace.

Now, whenever and wherever this happens, I just quit ATC and do my own navigating on approach.
Needless to say, to add to the fun, more often than not there'll be an aircraft on the RWY waiting for TO clearance ROFL

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beroun First Officer

Many thanks gents.
I am glad I am not alone🙂

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