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As some will know, I've had a rough time with some poor payware add-ons lately... but I think my luck is back.

At the weekend I purchased "HOLIDAY RESORTS" by Lago, of Italy, which is £19.99 from

This add-on provides Scenery for the following Airports and their surrounding areas.... in addition a DeHavilland DHC-6 plane is provided as a bonus.

- Sharm-El-Sheikh (Red Sea resport in Egypt)
- Santa Puna (Dominican Republic)
- Male (Maldives)
- Honalul, Hawaii

Let's talk about the plane first.... When a FS plane is described as a 'bonus' it's usually best not to build up your hopes but I have to say I would have paid the purchase price just for the plane... This is an EXCELLENT 'Twin Otter'.... The external model is beautiful but also, bothe the 2D and the Virtual Cockpit are of a really high standard and I'm tempted to say that the Publishers could easily have sold this as a separate Aircraft add-on... It comes with a huge selection of real life liveries (including BA, so I can at last fly my Glasgow - Barra route with the real plane in the real livery!).... It also comes with versions with Wheels, Flats, Skis or Amphibian.

Next we look at the Scenery.... I checked out the Maldives first and the Airport was just fab.... really detailed scenery, moving bus's and vans on the ground.... Other IA aircraft (767 and 777) in real liveries..... but best of all, Frame Rates were AT LEAST as good I get on the ground in default airports....

Of course by having this add-on, with it's AI planes, it means that they show up wherever you are in the FS world - not just at these locations.. so I now have lovely big EMIRATES 777 planes on the ground at Heathrow!

Also, having this means that when you select the default 737 and 777 planes, you now have NEW REAL LIVERIES to fly them with !

All round, this is a SUPERB add-on, it gives you so much, in terms of the actual scenery which is first class and which does not upset my Frame Rates, but you also get a high quality, fully functioning DHC-6 Twin Otter Aircraft, that is worth the money in itself.... Add these to the fact that you get new AI traffic in real liveries, and the abailty to fly default planes with new liveries, and you have here a WINNER !

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