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i've been having a problem here as of late. my flight sim did not load and seemed to take forever. i did the old control, alt, delete and it kept on saying "fs9 not responding." i did a complete uninstall/reinstall, went to the flight sim website and it said to change the config file,and changed the numbers around in the config file also for the startup. if you've done this before then you know what i'm talking about. i finally was able to get it to load after i reinstalled directx. however, it still took a while to load. i also uninstalled squawkbox for vatsim and it seemed to load a little faster. also, now when it loads it starts up with the airplane on the runway. the initial menu screen doesn't show up like it used to. the screen where you choose your airplane and airport. think it may because of me changing the number in the config file maybe. also, another problem is when i finally get it loaded and i save the flight and make it the default it never starts back up. for instance, initially it starts with a 172 on the runway at xyz airport, so i change airplanes and airport and make it the default flight but then next time it starts up it still the 172. anybody have any ideas??? did this get corrupted or something??? i don't know how this could've gotten screwed up. any ideas???

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My guess is your config file is incorrect. By chance did you make a back-up of the original? As a side note, I've got a pretty fast computer and FS9 takes nearly a minute to load...it works fine but loading time is an issue. It could be that you're not waiting long enough for the program to load. Or maybe I'm wrong. 🙂

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trailnut could be right here, my Fs9 takes an age to load but when it's done it runs fine.(fingers crossed, i may just have jinxed it.) 😀

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it usually takes about 3-5 minutes to load, seems like an eternity sometimes. i've ran it for some time now, maybe two years and never had a problem until now. it runs great once loaded or should i say ran great. i just removed my config file completely like somebody said on another forum and it starts up but then disappears.

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