how do i line up with a runway?

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I love flying fsx.I am still new at this thing but are getting the hang of it.I know how to fly to an airport,no problem, but when I get there i dont know how to line up.what do you do to line up to you selected runway?

(ps. i fly a ifr approach usually that brings me to the airport but dont let me line up with the runway)



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Right u got to use somethink called ILS , First hit the map button , next click the airport anda irport runway ur landing at , next there will be somethink sayingfor exsample > ILS 100.200 or somethink like that <, remember the number and next click the radio shack button and find somethink called Nav1. Next put in the code in 100.200 w/e Then click the nav1 butten. Next find the Nav button on ur main cotpit and ther u go , Max 12 NM away from the airport for it to start lineing you up

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Post up your email address and I will email you a pdf file of how to use the ILS.

Its very easy to do using this information as it has pictures as well.

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May be you would also like to practise an ILS Approach lesson in Flight simulator itself..

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