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PC Sabre PRO Buttons and Triggers

Ace II Guest

Hello. i have a joystick called the PC Sabre PRO. it has a trigger and 4 other buttons. here is a diagram of the 4 buttons.

(0 represtening and individual button)

0 0

0 0

i was just wondering what would be good commands for those buttons and the triggers. thanks a lot 🙂

Pro Member Chief Captain
tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Hi Ace
You can put anything on there,but one I use is reverse thrust (F2 on the keyboard)
The trigger might be good for the brakes

I have 9 controls on my sidewinder
1 throttle
2 hat switch cycle views
3 hat switch b1 cut throttle (reverse)
4 hat switch b2 engine start
5 base 1 flaps up
6 base 2 flaps down
7 base 3 tail hook (opens cargo doors on some jets)
8 base doors
9 trigger brakes

Or anything that needs you to press two buttons at once on the keyboard

A few ideas for you

Ace II Guest

thanks. the diagram represtenting my joystick didnt turn out properly. close enough though. hehe

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