graphic card for fsx

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is a sapphire x1600pro radeon 512mb (agp slot) a good card to run fsx on,if not,what cards are good to run fsx on

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RadarMan Chief Captain

If you can't use the latest PCIe cards, your motherboard may not support it, get the best AGP card you can find.
The latest would be that choice.


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Graham (graham05) Trainee

i just bought the 1650 pro so i hope its good i only have agp and dont have the money to upgrade my motherboard and prosser 😕 😕

but i cant use it till x-mas Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad 😀

and o ya welcome to flyaway

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

I do have that card at PCI version. I do have also a strong computer.
With that card with some adjusments mainly in AUTOGEN - i have 17-21 FPS at Seattle runway R-340 clear sky . After taking off I have more than 26. It is important to have a high speed CPU. ( more than 3Gh)

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