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marian99 Guest

Hi hello, I've recently installed FSX deluxe edition, the game works very well except for the menu you can activate by right clicking when you are in the aircraft. In MY game that menu and also the ATC menu I cannot see anything only the green border.

Anybody had the same problem??

Help me! 😞

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I never tried that, I hit "Alt" and the menu comes up.
If you cannot do that your video card may be old or you may need new drivers.
Depending on the card the AA setting can be the problem also.


marian99 Guest

Hi RadarMan, thanks for you answer. I'm going to try this out now. My video card is an Ati AIW X800XT, it isn't too old.

marian99 Guest

I forgot! What do you mean by AA ??

Thanks again

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to_coolguys First Officer

marian99 wrote:

I forgot! What do you mean by AA ??

Thanks again

AA = Anti Aliasing

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