Default 737 instrument lights ??

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Michael_H First Officer

I have noticed that if I turn on my nav lights, my instrument lights come on bright. It seems the only way I can dim them is to shut off the nav lights.

Am I missing something obvious here?
I do most of my flying at night so it is aggravating. I only notice this problem with the 737.

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Jason (Av8r77) First Officer

Your NAV light controls your panel light instruments by default from what I have read.

Mine do the same thing when I turn on mine the CRJ. You can go into the .cfg file to change it, but I don't like to fly at night without the lights.

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Michael_H First Officer

thanks Av8r77,

Problem with my setup is, I have a very bright CRT monitor so with the instrument lights on, they are so bright it's hard to see anything out the windows. They seem to be perfect when they are off... 😉

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michlin First Officer

I also do not like the brightness of the panel when flying at night with NAV lights on. It is like driving at night in your car or truck with the interior lights on. Twisted Evil Not good!

It would be nice if just the gages on the instrument panel illuminated. Many of us have probably actual seen cabin photos of night flights and only the buttons, switched and gages are lit; the cabin is in darkness.

I would do more night flying but for the overly bright cockpits. 🙄

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