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Hello, i have owned this game for a year and had a saitek x45 controller that my uncle, who is a whiz at this game, set up perfectly. The assigments were just fine, but that joystick broke after falling. I received a Saitek x52 for christmas, and have installed it, but i don't like the default assignments. My uncle lives in DC and Im in chicago, so i cant ask him. I know how to change the assignments, but I was just wondering how you fly with what assignments, and if you have a x52 or not

another thing that bugs me is when i begin to fly, i take off the parking brakes and the plane immediately jerks to the right and continues going that direction, and it is very hard to get the plane back on the runway and i takeoff like a retard flying diagonally

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also forgot to mention my calibration is perfect

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