Help me choose a Joystick??

TimTim Guest

Hi everyone

I am fairly new to flight simulator, and I'm thinking of getting a better joystick than I have now, which isn't designed for flight simulator

This is the one that I have now

As you can see it has a "digital throttle" so therefore you only have 4 choices in throttle really, which isn't great for taxiing. It does not have a hat switch. It is not twistable so you can't use it for taxiing. So as you can see it is designed for some other game, not FS

So now I'm going to get a new joystick. What I'd like in my new joystick would be

  • Smooth Movement
  • Twistable Handle (for taxiing)
  • Analog Throttle (as in a normal throttle, where you just slide the lever up and down)
  • Hat swtich (for obvious reasons)
  • And maybe Force Feedback (this isn't a necessity, so if a joystick doesn't have it, it doesn't matter)

I would also like anything else which would be essential to have on a joystick for FS2004

I live in Ireland if that matters

Also what is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 like with Force Feedback?? This would have been my first time using force feedback so I don't know. Is it realistic or does it bounce away at times for no reason??

Thank you for the help in advance,

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freedspeak First Officer

Stay with Saitek, go with the X-52. No FF but has a beautiful seperate throttle and twist rudder. Ton of bells, buttons, and whistles.

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Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

The one pilotwannabe advised is the one i currently have. It works perfectly fine with me, only need to make a few adjustments for take-off and landing, ie. disable the twisting feature for take-off and landing, but enable it for taxiing. It's pretty simple.

TimTim Guest

How do you disable the twisting feature and then enable it?? Is there a button on the joystick that will do this or do you have to press ALT -> Options -> Controls or whatever and set it there??

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Taylor (Flyboy92) First Officer

pilotwannabe wrote:

My suggestion...

Info here... ➡,CRID=2221,CONTENTID=6954


oh yes i own that joy stick and it works like a charm! you can turn it so you can rudder it too!


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Wing-man First Officer

As freedspeak suggests, if you can afford it, go for the X52, I've just got one and it's the mutts nuts 🙄 .

Failing that, then I'd go for the Saitek Cyborg evo force £59.99, here............

Ater that, I'd go for the Saitek Cyborg evo, same as the above without the FF, £34.99, here........

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