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I just fell down and crash at the last stall test. Some tips for me?

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the FSX 747 Test Flight is an easy one. Make sure on both stall tests you stay well above 15,000 feet. After the 2nd stall recovery you lose 1 more engine. So now #4 and #3 are out. When your co-pilot radio's to land at Edward's instead of Mojave on final you lose #2. You will have to fight the 747 all the way in to the runway because your only using #1 engine now. The plane for most of this mission wants to fly twisted to the left side. Good Luck!!!


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that is way hard. i had major problems on vatsim one day when i was on river 9 visual for ronald reagan int. my number 2 engine blew out and wich caused me to use full rudder to try and fly it levely. Only to make it worse the river visual 9 isnt a straight in approach instead u have to follow the river(because of the restricted airspace, white house, congress and stuff like that). I almost completely crashed and on vatsim 😳 man that would have been embarrasing.

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