Boeing 737-700 Test Flight (Video)

TimH Guest

Hi everyone

I have made another video, its of a Boeing 737-700 Test Flight in KBFI (Boeing Field)

You can find it here

Please comment and say what you liked and didnt like because if I know my mistakes I can imrpove my videos in the future Smiley

Enjoy it!

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

A very good video 👍 You've used interesting viewpoints throughout the flight with some nice background music 👍

Pro Member First Officer
Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

Cool video. I liked it.


Where did you get the aircraft - got a link? Cheers

TimH Guest

Yeah, sure

The aircraft that I'm using is under Boeing 737-700 Base Packages (its the dreamliner livery) but also check out all the other downloads under that link, there really good, all free

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

Niiiice video, realy like it, whats ur graphic card ? in ur computer?

TimH Guest

Processor: Intel Pentium D 3.00Ghz
Memory: 1024MB (1GB) RAM
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 6700XL

Thanks for the nice comments

Keep the comments flowing in, they can be negative as well because I can learn from my mistakes 🙂

Pro Member First Officer
spitfiresrule First Officer

Didn't like the song to much but thats just my opinion + you could have also shown the landing from the exterior instead of the wing veiw.(everyones a critic lol) but it was still a good video I really liked the different angles. 😛


Whats the name of the music at the beginning?

Pro Member Trainee
astraGTE Trainee

liked your video well done[/quote]

TimH Guest

Anonymous wrote:

Whats the name of the music at the beginning?

The name of the song is ATC - Around the World, that was the song at the beginning

The song near the end was Beloved - Sweet Harmony

Thanks for the comments everyone, must appreciated 😀

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