Flight Simulator 2006 Will be better than 2004

hotstuff196604 Guest

i just have to tell you flight simulator 2006 is going to be better that 2004 i dont work for mircosoft but i did go there to test some software and i got to see screen shots of fs 2006 and does it look real better than 2004 or 2002 i just think it will be worth buying when it comes out also im trying to get back there to actually test flight simulator 2006 if i do i will let you all know how it goes

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what! you have seen screen shots of fs 2006!?! I'm not sure if im buying this though..umm.


Thats a load of crap. Microsoft hasnt even made a formal announcement yet, let alone allow people from the general public to test the game.

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Jared Captain

I think this is BS. they only thing the public knows is that it will be released in the summer of 2006.

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Anonymous wrote:

Thats a load of crap. Microsoft hasnt even made a formal announcement yet, let alone allow people from the general public to test the game.

It wouldn't be cr@p. Afterall the software company [FS add-ons] I work with doesn't say anything about alot of their new products. Infact we've got quit a few products that are ready for to release but we are going to create a few more before anouncing their titles let alone their release date. Anyway I could say I was from the General Public when I found that out so I think the isn't lying.

Hey Hotstuff, please tell us more.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Liar He traveled from Louisiana to MS just to test software and not get paid, that's dedication. ROFL


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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain



i also think that's bs!!!!!! Evil or Very Mad fs hasn't even announets yet when they r releasing it!!..but i know for a fact thjat fs.2006 is goin to b lots better than 2004!..i rele hope they have new aircraft like continental,lufthansa, air canada,, ..etc..!!!..plz microsoft make realistic planes not this bullshit about soar and crap!!!..and ya

and that the air traffic controls have oter accents,, not us. accents when ur'e in england!!


ur not bloody wrong about that!!! Also they should mark gates with numbers too.

zweefman Guest

when is the release date of fs2006, at some forums they say it's this year, and at other forums they say it's next year.

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Andrew (AJWatson2209) First Officer

Word is summer next year!

og hobit Guest

who really knows when it will come out

og hobit Guest

everyone is guessing

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nottobe Captain

i even doubt that their really gonna be such a thing as FS 2006.
I have a feeling that they gonna skip 2006 and release 2008 in the summer
of 2007..... 😎

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Andrew (AJWatson2209) First Officer

Doubt it Nottobe,
The reason people are guessing and no one really knows what is happening is because of laws where people involved with the game can not talk about it to others as to not leak information to poeple like you and me!


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michlin First Officer

It is all bullsh... er... S-P-E-C-U-L-A-T-I-O-N Ha Ha

To date, Microsoft has revealed absolutely nothing about their next flight sim. Censored
When Microsoft make the first official announcement, then I will believe. Bow Down Bow Down Bow Down Bow Down Bow Down

Geust_33 Guest

I doubt that FS 2006 will be coming out this summer. If so they would have a site etc for it like they did for FS2004. Also if it does come out will it effect Virtual Airlines and Vatsim like Fs2004 did. Will there have to be another SBrelay for Fs2006 so that it is compatible with Squawk box 3. And as for the comment that someone had earlier. It doesnt matter if they have certain liveries or not their default just so you can fly it offline. If you want to fly more realistically I suggest joining a Virtual Airline like virtual Air Canada or something. Thne you can get what you want out of Flight Simulator!

Guest Guest

FS 2006 will not come out in 2005. It will come out in 2006. Because of that Microsoft will not name it FS2006 but instead Microsoft Flight Simulator The Second Century Of Flight. The reason it is taken a long time to develop this game because Microsoft decided to add more realism to the game and add a380 and b787 to show aircrafts that will take us into the next century of flight. The game might be called the next century of fligh or something like that. The name has not yet been decided. Graphics and realism of the game is also getting an overhaul. The weather and snow stuff like that. The cockpits of airplanes include more switches so you can flight test and drils. When you click a switch in the cockpit it makes a little switching sound. The next flight simulator will be very different from any flight simulator you have ever played.

crosscheck9 Guest

Where did you get all of this information?

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FHeselton Trainee

Do you think that our "guest" might just work for microsoft??????

It would not be the first time that "insider" information has been leaked.

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